There are 3 ways to obtain these pretty purple shinies.

  1. Resetting a game and getting a bonus for doing so (only after reaching milestones)
  2. Buying them with Real money
  3. Using a fancy perk
  4. Watching an ad

Reaching milestones will get you a bonus when you reset the game. The bonusses are some gems and perk points and get higher when you reach higher milestones.

There is also a big red star in town. These are your perks.

The first perk is Lucky Tap. It will give you a 0.1% chance of getting a gem when you tap the big coin. This can be upgrade further to have a bigger chance on gems taking steps of 0.1% each upgrade getting more expensive.

Watching ads is a good way to get some free gems. The amount of gems you get for a video increases every time.

Buying gems is also an option,

There are 6 packages as of now.

Cost Gems Perkpoints
$0,99 1000 0
$2,99 4000 0
$5,99 10000 0
$9,99 25000 500
$19,99 50000 1500
$39,99 100000 5000